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Dubai In-House Seminar

Today’s rapidly advancing technologies and competitive business environment are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in thinking with respect to traditional sales and customer service methods. Providing superior customer service is a smart business decision that pays long-term dividends. 

All the money that companies spend on sales training, marketing research, advertising, and PR initiatives to attract new customers is wasted if they can't keep their customers satisfied after the sale. Your satisfied customers' positive "word-of-mouth" endorsements have always been and always will be your company's most effective marketing program.

There are certain characteristics that separate successful salespeople from average salespeople. These qualities have been identified over the years through interviews, surveys, and exhaustive research. We also know two things: First, no one is born with these qualities. Second, all of these qualities can be developed through practice.

John's interactive training seminars are designed to give delegates the communication skills, persuasion strategies, negotiation techniques and interpersonal skills they require to develop and motivate sales and customer service employees. There is no substitute for a well-trained and highly-motivated sales team! Achieving sales and customer service excellence is not accomplished by accident, nor is it attained without effort and teamwork. It requires well–trained employees who demonstrate a passion for continuous improvement.

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