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90-Minute In-House Sales Training Webinar
Body Language: How to Read Your Customer Like a Book

John's sales training webinar presentations are fast-paced and highly-interactive. He takes the time to get to understand your organization so he can customize his presentation to fit your specific products, services, and selling challenges.

This 60-minute, live, webinar training session is priced at a flat rate of $250 USD. With a flat rate presentation fee, the more people that you register, the lower the cost per each participant.

The webinar training option is the perfect solution for busy sales reps working from their homes or in remote locations. Each webinar training session includes Q&A and a course manual.

Webinar Training Topics

  1. Body Language Basics
  2. We Are Born Understanding Body Language
  3. How to Use Body Language to Build Trust and Rapport over the Phone or Face-to-Face
  4. Interpreting the Meaning of Key Body Language Gestures
  5. Interpreting the Meaning of Head and Eye Movement  Gestures
  6. 6. Powerful Tips for Creating a Good First Impression

Webinar Overview

Understanding a prospect's body language gestures gives a salesperson the advantage when selling face-to-face. This critical, yet highly-overlooked face-to-face communication skill, gives the salesperson the ability to close more sales in less time.  

Are you aware that your body language gestures reveal your deepest feelings and hidden thoughts to total strangers? Understanding body language gestures will give you the ability to build trust and create rapport quickly with your customers... face-to-face or over the phone. Did you know that the use of personal space, physical gestures, posture, voice tone, facial expressions, and eye contact can enhance or sabotage sales effectiveness? This means that understanding the power of body language plays a heightened role in creating trust and rapport with a customer. The customer has to first “buy the salesperson” before they will consider buying his or her products.

First impressions are made in less than seven seconds and are heavily influenced by your professional image and body language. In fact, studies have found that nonverbal cues have four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.

When a prospect isn’t completely onboard with a sales presentation, salespeople need to be able to recognize what’s happening and respond quickly. That’s why engagement and disengagement are two of the most important body language signals to monitor during a face-to-face sales presentation. Engagement behaviors indicate interest, receptivity, or agreement while disengagement behaviors signal boredom, anger, or defensiveness.

When your nonverbal signals match up with the words you’re saying, they increase trust, clarity, and rapport. When they don’t, they can generate tension, mistrust, and confusion. If you want to become a more effective salesperson, it’s important to become sensitive not only to the body language cues of your prospect, but also of your own gestures.

Look at nonverbal communication signals as a group. Don’t read too much into a single gesture or nonverbal cue. Consider all of the nonverbal signals you are receiving, from eye contact to tone of voice and body language. Taken together, are their nonverbal cues consistent—or inconsistent—with what their words are saying?

This 90-minute, live, webinar training session is priced at a flat rate of $250 USD with a maximum of 150 participants. With a flat rate presentation fee, the more people that you register, the lower the cost per each participant. For example, if you register 150 sales team members to attend this webinar, the cost per person is only $1.67 USD.

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