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Leadership Development Coaching Sessions with John Boe

Successful leaders know there is no end to personal development. When you’ve reached your peak on your own, it’s time to bring in executive coaching to help. Having an executive coach is like having a mentor who helps you think through decisions from every angle, offering fresh perspectives and insights. A good executive coach will help you identify your challenges and opportunities — and work with you to get crystal clear on your priorities. Your coach will identify blind spots and share resources to help you make more informed decisions.

The foundation of a good coaching relationship is trust and authenticity. John Boe, as your personal development coach, will play several important roles during the coaching process. He will act as you personal development trainer and trusted advisor. John's focus during a coaching session is to provide you with the skills, guidance, confidence and encouragement you need to reach your full potential. 

The ultimate objective of a coach is to earn trust, build a relationship and create a partnership with the individual they are coaching. The objective of the partnership is an investment in the individual as a valued talent, focused on their development with clearly defined and determined objectives. The coach provides a neutral, objective perspective as a sounding board to encourage as well as challenge the individual to try new approaches, behaviors and strategies. They are able to offer tools, techniques and resources to support the individual in stretching in different ways and continue to reinforce those strategies as they face successes and challenges in doing so. Make no mistake, partnering with a coach and engaging in one’s own development is very difficult work, however, is worth every moment of it. 

John's coaching fee is $200 USD per one-hour coaching session. The number of sessions you need depends on what you want to achieve. No long-term financial commitment... you pay as you go. You may schedule your coaching session(s) whenever you want. Typically, coaching sessions are scheduled weekly, monthly or quarterly. Each of your coaching sessions includes a written outline and a video recording for future review.

Leadership Coaching Topics 

You may select one of the topics from the list.. 

  • Utilizing Sales Contests to Increase Sales  
  • Change Management Tips
  • Recruiting Quality Salespeople
  • Conflict Resolution Tips 
  • Leading Remote Team Members
  • Team Building Tips
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Coaching Under Performing Team Members
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Developing Questioning Skills
  • Developing Body Language Skills
  • Delegating Tips 
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Understanding the Four Temperament Styles
  • Setting SMART Goals for Continuous Improvement
  • Achieving Customer Service Excellence
  • Time Management Tips 
  • Stress Management Tips

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