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"Selling Face-to-Face"

"Selling Face-to-Face" 

This In-House Training Seminar (3-Hour Training Program) is only for Dubai based companies. If your company is located outside of Dubai, email John at for information regarding travel / hotel requirements and group presentation fee.  

Seminar Group Presentation Fee

2,500 AED group fee. This is a small price to pay for your professional development. (Quick ROI)

This presentation requires a PowerPoint projector. 

Seminar Topics

Developing Face-to-Face Communication and Persuasion Skills

  • Body Language: How to Read People Like a Book 
  • Practical Exercise: Body Language Quiz 
  • How to Use Body Language to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly 
  • 9 Powerful Tips for Creating a Good First Impression 
  • Selling to the Four Temperament Styles; Aggressive, Expressive, Passive and Analytical 
  • How to Listen and Ask Questions Like a Homicide Detective 
  • Practical Exercise: Listening Skills Self-Assessment 
  • Practical Exercise: How to Use Questions to Close the Sale
  • What is Your Action Plan?

Seminar Learning Outcomes

After this 3-hour training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Create a professional first impression
  • Utilize body language to build trust and rapport quickly… face-to-face or over the phone
  • Eliminate negative body language gestures that sabotage a sales presentation
  • Identify the temperament style or “buying style” of a prospect and adjust their sales presentation accordingly to close the sale
  • Interpret the meaning of key body language gestures to “listen with their eyes”
  • Utilize active listening and questioning skills to determine a prospect’s expectations and requirements
  • Use close-ended questions to guide a prospect to close the sale

Seminar Overview

Today’s rapidly advancing technologies and competitive environment are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in thinking with respect to traditional sales and marketing methods. Unfortunately, marketing dollars are wasted if valuable prospects are contacted by salespeople who cannot present themselves, their products, or their organization in a professional manner. 

There are certain characteristics that separate successful salespeople from average salespeople. These qualities have been identified over the years through interviews, surveys, and exhaustive research. We also know two things: First, no one is born with these qualities. Second, all of these qualities can be developed through practice.

This interactive sales training seminar is designed to give delegates the communication skills, persuasion strategies, and negotiation techniques they require to overcome objections, close sales, and improve customer service. The emphasis of this training seminar will support delegates in developing the skills and confidence needed to increase sales effectiveness and promote new business opportunities. There is no substitute for a well-trained and highly-motivated sales team!

Training Methodology

This training course uses a blended approach to learning by encouraging delegate participation through a combination of classroom lecture, group discussion, breakout sessions, role-play exercises, video clips, and practical exercises. The comprehensive seminar course manual has been developed to be practical, easy to use, and facilitate adult learning principles.

About John Boe

Based in Dubai, UAE, John Boe is a syndicated business columnist and has written over 100 sales, management, marketing, customer service, and motivational articles published worldwide. He has co-authored three books; including Mission Possible with Dr. Stephen Covey (author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). To be competitive in today’s challenging marketplace, companies turn to John for selling skills and customer service training.

Prior to beginning his 16-year sales and management career for an international financial services company, John was a captain flying helicopters in the U.S. Army. Today, he is a successful author, motivational speaker, and sales/customer service trainer. In addition, he is an internationally recognized authority on nonverbal communication and DISC temperament style profiling. John has presented training seminars for clients in 16 countries on 4 continents.

He was honored by the Dale Carnegie organization by being presented with their prestigious, "Highest Award for Speaking Excellence". named him to their list of “America’s Top Sales Trainers and Customer Service Experts”. Hiring John Boe to present an in-house seminar training is a smart business decision that will give you a quick ROI.

To Read John’s Articles Google

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Video Clip from John’s Sales and Customer Service In-House Training Seminar for The FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel can be viewed at home page.

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