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John Boe is an author, motivational speaker and an international sales and customer service trainer based in Dubai, UAE. He has traveled extensively around the world presenting training seminars in 16 countries on 4 continents.  

From cold calling new prospects to closing the sale, John trains sales professionals how to use time-proven, low-pressure communication, persuasion and negotiation skills to close more sales in less time! Small differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results. The difference between the top performers and the average performers is not a huge difference in talent or ability. Often, it is just a few small things done consistently over and over again.

Prior to beginning his sales and management career for an international financial services company, John was a captain flying helicopters in the U.S. Army. He has written over 100 sales, customer service and leadership development articles which have been published worldwide. (Google John Boe articles) In addition, he has co-authored three books; including Mission Possible with Dr. Stephen Covey. John was honored by the Dale Carnegie organization by being presented with their prestigious, "Highest Award for Speaking Excellence."

Salespeople are the most vital people in any business. Without sales, the biggest and most sophisticated companies shut down. The very best companies have the very best salespeople. The most successful organizations in the world are all superb selling organizations.

There are certain characteristics that separate successful salespeople from average salespeople. These qualities have been identified over the years through interviews, surveys, and exhaustive research. We also know two things: First, no one is born with these qualities. Second, all of these qualities can be developed through practice.

How can your sales team stay motivated and productive in a sluggish economy? The answer is simple, you hire John to train and motivate them to increase sales effectiveness, improve customer service and develop new business opportunities. Hiring John to train and motivate your sales team is a smart business decision that generates a quick ROI and long-term benefits!



Sales and Customer Service In-House Seminar
for The FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel Dubai

The Power of Positive Thinking

If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You

Testimonials from John's Training Seminars

"At our recent ​company sales meeting, the training seminar that you provided to our sales team will help them do a better job building trust and rapport with our clients. Your presentation style was entertaining with a lot of audience interaction. The feedback that I have received from my sales team has been extremely positive. I am planning on bringing you back again and I strongly recommend that other meeting planners consider inviting you to speak at their next sales meeting."

- Bradford Caron, President                                                                                                                    SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc.      

"Thank you so much for presenting your One-Day Sales MBA Seminar to our group. The evaluations from the attendees were fantastic. They especially liked the body language portion of your presentation. I was delighted to so many happy participants leaving with new and useful information that they can implement at their banks."

- Valerie Johnston, Vice President of Education & Events                                                                                                                                        Community Bankers Association of Illinois

"I thought your presentation at the NAIFA meeting was outstanding. As a 35 year member of the Million Dollar Round Table, I thought I had heard everything about selling. However, your Body Language and Temperament Styles program was a real eye opener. This is very valuable information and all people who sell for a living would be well advised to attend your training presentation."

- I. David Cohen, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF                                                                                                                                                                     Independent Insurance Agent​


"Your One-Day Sales MBA Seminar is without question the best I have attended in my banking career. You captured my attention from the beginning of the seminar and kept it all day!"

- Darlene Johnson, Vice President

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust                  


"Imagine if you knew what your customers were thinking. That's what John Boe teaches. John gave a powerful sales training presentation on the art of understanding nonverbal communication... how to listen with your eyes. John's presentation is an eye opening experience that will make you wonder what you've been saying through your body language all this time. This is the second time that I have invited John to speak at our sales conference and I highly recommend John Boe to all of the meeting planners that I talk to."

- Dave Soloway, Vice President & Regional Marketing Director                                                                                                                                   Chicago Title Company

"I really enjoyed your program at the National Big I Conference in NYC. I consider a program highly  valuable if it accomplishes three things; its energy keeps my attention, I learn something that I can truly use in my career, and it leaves me wanting to learn more. You are the only speaker who has brought all three things together in an excellent sales training seminar!"              

- Dawn Bijou Janes, President

MN Insurance Group      

​"John Boe opened the conference for us and instantly lit up the room with his energetic style, smooth presentation and frequent audience participation. John's knowledge on body language and buying styles was evident as he captivated the room. I would recommend John as a speaker for any sales meeting and I'll definitely be inviting him back to speak to us again."

- Michael Moore, National Director of Sales

First Financial Resources  


“I was extremely impressed with John Boe's knowledge of body language and selling skills. This seminar was powerful and truly the best training that I have ever attended. I recommend this training seminar to every salesperson regardless of their experience level.”

- Wael Al-Khatib, General Manager 

Hoshan Group. Saudi Arabia

“John Boe’s training seminar was outstanding. The information that I learned about body language and temperament styles has made a big difference in my presentation skills and has helped me become a much more effective manager.”                                                                                                              - Mohamed El Tahan, Sales Manager 

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank