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In-House Training Courses

Today’s rapidly advancing technologies and competitive environment are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in thinking with respect to traditional sales and marketing methods. Unfortunately, marketing dollars are wasted if valuable prospects are contacted by salespeople who cannot present themselves, their products, or their organization in a professional manner. 


Each of the training topics listed below are one-hour sessions. John’s "group training speaking fee" is priced at 800 AED per hour. The seminar can be presented in-person or Online with Zoom. For an in-person seminar, companies located outside of Dubai are responsible for paying all travel expenses (economy airline ticket).

Video Demo of John's in-house presentation is located on the Home Page.

How to Request a Customized In-House Training Proposal

To register your team for John's in-house training seminar, send an email to and provide the following information. Once we receive your seminar request email, John will schedule a pre seminar Zoom or WhatsApp call to understand your training requirements and expectations.

  • Your full name.

  • Your company position.

  • Company name and website.

  • The country and city you are located in.

  • In person or Online presentation preference. Note: For in person presentations, the organization is responsible for paying John's travel (economy) and hotel expenses.

  • The training topic(s) you would like John to present (see training topics below)

  • The date and start time that you are requesting. (Dubai time zone)

  • The number of participants.


Leadership Development Topics

  • Traits and Habits of Highly-Effective Leaders

  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Best Practices for Recruiting Top Producers

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Development

  • Mentoring Team Members

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Motivating Team Members with Sales Contests

  • Planning and Conducting Successful Training Sessions and Administrative Meetings

  • Leading and Managing Organizational Change

  • Coaching Under Preforming Team Members

  • Managing the Four Temperament Styles: Aggressive, Expressive, Passive and Analytical


Sales and Customer Service Topics

  • Selling Fundaments and Presentation Strategies

  • The Four Pillars for Achieving Customer Service Excellence

  • Best Practices for Customer Service Recovery and Retention

  • Overcoming Sales Objection: “I will think it over and get back to you”

  • Best Practices for Prospecting and Business Development

  • Active Listening and Questing Skills Development

  • Principles of Persuasion and Negotiation Strategies

  • Selling to the Four Temperaments Styles: Aggressive, Expressive, Passive and Analytical

  • The Price/Value Formula and Selling With Emotion

  • Body Language: How to Read Your Customer Like a Book

  • Effective Phone Calling Tips, Tactics and Techniques


Personal and Professional Development Topics

  • Setting Priorities and Time Management Tips to Maximize Daily Productivity

  • Goal Setting Fundamentals for Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • How to Overcome Setbacks, Failures and Adversity

  • Stress Management Tips to Live a Balanced Life


Selling Face-to-Face

(Selling Face-to-Face is John's most requested 3-hour in-house sales training seminar)

Seminar Overview

3-Hour presentation.

Group presentation fee is 2,400 AED.

Can be presented as an in-person or Online seminar. 

This highly-interactive training course is designed to give your sales team the communication and presentation skills they require to increase sales effectiveness and improve customer service. There is no substitute for a well-trained and highly-motivated sales team! Today’s rapidly advancing technologies and competitive environment are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in thinking with respect to traditional sales and marketing methods. Developing strong customer-focused relationships is critically important for promoting sustained revenue growth in a difficult and demanding marketplace.


Today we have access to revolutionary tools such as the Internet, cell phones and video conferencing all to support us in communicating effectively. Even with all of these high-tech tools at our disposal, the alarming number of lost sales, disgruntled employees, dissatisfied customers and failed relationships are evidence that none of us are as effective at communicating as we would like to believe.


Are you aware that your body language gestures reveal your deepest feelings and hidden thoughts to total strangers? Understanding body language gestures will give you the ability to build trust and create rapport quickly with your customers... face-to-face or over the phone. Did you know that the use of personal space, physical gestures, posture, voice tone, facial expressions, and eye contact can enhance or sabotage sales effectiveness? This means that understanding the power of body language plays a heightened role in creating trust and rapport with a customer. The customer has to first “buy the salesperson” before they will consider buying his or her products. First impressions are made in less than seven seconds and are heavily influenced by your professional image and body language. In fact, studies have found that nonverbal cues have four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.


When a prospect isn’t completely onboard with a sales presentation, salespeople need to be able to recognize what’s happening and respond quickly. That’s why engagement and disengagement are two of the most important body language signals to monitor during a face-to-face sales presentation. Engagement behaviors indicate interest, receptivity, or agreement while disengagement behaviors signal boredom, anger, or defensiveness. When your nonverbal signals match up with the words you’re saying, they increase trust, clarity, and rapport. When they don’t, they can generate tension, mistrust, and confusion. If you want to become a more effective salesperson, it’s important to become sensitive not only to the body language cues of your prospect, but also of your own gestures.


Yin Yang, the ancient Chinese symbol for balance, depicts the strong attraction and complementary nature of opposites. Just as oil and water repel, while magnet and metal attract, we too are attracted or repelled by others instinctively. For example, each of us have met someone for whom we felt an immediate affinity or, for some unknown reason, an instant dislike. In reality, we are intuitively responding to the natural chemistry, or lack thereof, between temperament styles. Research indicates that there are four primary temperament styles; Aggressive, Expressive, Passive and Analytical. Each of these four temperament styles requires a unique approach and communication strategy.


Active listening means listening with all of your senses. It requires paying full attention to what your customer is saying. That means using verbal and nonverbal cues to show signs of listening, taking the time to understand the customer and then thoughtfully responding. This ability to listen and listen well is one of the most important sales skills. A well-trained listener can also pick up subtle emotional signals, which is important since buying decisions are primarily driven by emotions.


Asking effective probing questions is critical to improving sales effectiveness. With the right questions, your salespeople can uncover the buyer’s needs and wants, as well as their budget and decision-making process. In fact, the more questions that you ask in attempts to fully understand the needs of the customer, the more the customer relaxes, believes you, and trusts you. The more the customer believes and trusts you, the more the customer believes that the product or service is the right one for him or her.

Seminar Topics

Developing Face-to-Face Communication and Persuasion Skills

  • Body Language: How to Read People Like a Book

  • Practical Exercise: Body Language Quiz

  • Tips for Creating a Good First Impression

  • Selling to the Four Temperament Styles; Aggressive, Expressive, Passive and Analytical

  • Practical Exercise: Determining Your Temperament Profile's Strengths and Weaknesses 

  • How to Listen and Ask Questions Like a Homicide Detective

  • Practical Exercise: How to Use Questions to Close a Sale

  • Practical Exercise: Listening Skills Self-Assessment

  • Overcome the "I want to think about it" Objection and Close the Sale


Seminar Learning Outcomes

After this 3-hour training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Create a professional first impression

  • Utilize body language to build trust and rapport quickly… face-to-face or over the phone

  • Eliminate negative body language gestures that sabotage a sales presentation

  • Identify the temperament style or “buying style” of a prospect and adjust their sales presentation accordingly to close the sale

  • Overcome barriers to effective face-to-face communication

  • Interpret the meaning of key body language gestures to “listen with their eyes”

  • Utilize active listening and questioning skills to determine a prospect’s expectations and requirements

  • Successfully overcome the "I want to think about it" sales objection


Training Methodology

This training course uses a blended approach to learning by encouraging delegate participation through a combination of classroom lecture, group discussion, breakout sessions, role-play exercises, video clips, and practical exercises. The comprehensive seminar course manual has been developed to be practical, easy to use, and facilitate adult learning principles.

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